About us

Our services

  1. Entertainment network & jobs board
  2. Branding consultancy
  3. Creative production services


Our Philosophy

We want to change the (entertainment) world.  We don’t want to see exceptional talent losing their soul in irrelevant jobs; or employers wasting money on agencies to hire menial staff.  We quicken & strengthen the connection between talent & employer.
We want to create an exclusive online entertainment community which does not price anyone out; this is the heart & soul of the Hypeglo ethos.
Hypeglo is making a revolutionary movement within this sector; performers are no longer obliged to sign the rights to their creative spirit away, or pay for fruitless PR campaigns.
We want to create the ultimate entertainment simple self-service tool; providing all of the creative resources you need to give you back creative control of your career with our innovative support services.
Creative people were not born to be in captivity; they prefer to work for themselves, so,  we hand-pick the relevant talent from our online community to work with us on our creative projects on a freelance basis .
We’re not an agency; we’re a self-service tool!



  • Finalist ‘Best innovative business’ – South London Business Awards 2013
  • Finalist ‘Best business for apprenticeships & young people’ – South London Business Awards 2013
  • Finalist ‘Best new business’ – South London Business Awards 2013
  • Finalist ‘Best new business’ – Merton Business Awards 2012


Why Are We Different?

We screen all members (talent & employers), making sure you are categorized , arranged and exposed to the best opportunities, talent and employers.
Hypeglo is the No.1 go to for all of your entertainment services – for example you may need a branding strategy to give your business concept/image the kiss of life, or you may need music production & music video production services.
Join our community and be a part of our exclusive movement that nurtures your talent and future aspirations.
We cut out the costly ‘middle man’ (agencies).  A standard agency takes 20-% of every job you deliver.  Hypeglo charges only 5%.



Who Are Our Members?

Some of our members include, but are not limited to;

  • Actors
  • Agents/Agencies
  • Artists
  • Boutiques
  • Comedians
  • Dancers & choreographers
  • Entertainers (magicians, clowns etc)
  • Fashion designers & stylists
  • Film & theatre directors
  • Make-up artists
  • Models (amateur, commercial, promotional, high fashion, lingerie, glamour etc)
  • Musicians (singers, bands, guitarists etc)
  • Music producers
  • PR professionals
  • Record labels
  • Venues