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Hypeglo to open another office in Marrakech

December 4, 2014 in Press

Hypeglo has become one of the No.1 talent networks and agencies in the UK.
One half of the original team has recently relocated to Morocco; aiming to open their first office there in early 2015.
Why is this so exciting?
Hypeglo brings international job opportunities to the most uncultivated yet talented pool of individuals in Marrakech. It’s fair to say we’re very excited about this and look forward to welcoming the most prestige acts and artists Morocco has to offer.

DJ Collective wins The DJ of the year award!

April 29, 2014 in Press

January 2014

After thousands of submissions from all over the world, London’s very own DJ Collective AKA Supply n Demand has been announced as The Best DJ of the year 2013 in conjunction with Hypeglo entertainment and Capital Radio.


DJ Collective; DJ of the year 2013!

Collective was chosen for his characteristic gift of packing dance floors with an electrifying atmosphere so fun and intense no-one ever wants to leave, his effortless ability to sell-out clubs and VIP rooms and his natural flair for music production.

There was some tough competition this year; but Collective’s unique talent really shone through and saw hundreds of people vote for him unanimously.

Currently in the USA for the Miami Winter Music Conference, we called Collective at 7am this morning to share the good news; ever the modest and most approachable DJ ever, Collective’s first words were ‘Thank you so much; and please thank every single person who voted from the bottom of my heart.  There is no greater gift than the gift of giving music and dance to fans all over the world.’

Collective will be officially awarded in person on his return from the States in May.


DJ R3hab & Sophie Bowman (Hypeglo Ltd)

We would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted, and to the wonderful runners-up;

2nd place; DJ R3hab

3rd place; DJ Houdini

Until next year!

Lifestyle monthly interview our company director on all things Hypeglo!

May 2, 2013 in Press

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The Guardian list Hypeglo as one of the most efficient and innovative businesses in the UK

May 2, 2013 in Press

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Hypeglo spends 1 night in r3hab!

April 22, 2013 in Press

One night in R3hab

Super star DJ & producer R3hab speaks exclusively to Hypeglo Records’ director Sophie Bowman at The Inside Ibiza Magazine launch party.

R3hab, real name Fadil El Ghoul, is a 26 year old Amsterdam born DJ & producer.

Along with Afrojack and Chuckie, R3hab is one of the champions of the modern ‘’dutch house’’ scene; bringing additional psytance and gabber vibes.

His music has hit dance floors all over the world, featuring collaborations from music power horses such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, David Guetta and Flo Rida.

In March 2012, R3hab won the IDMA Best Breakthrough Artist Award during the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

What are the 3 most ridiculous things you’ve done in Ibiza?

Afterparties in pools and clubs; and throwing stuffed animals at our fans.

Which song sums up Ibiza for you?

Lykke Li ‘I follow you’.

What should budding DJ’s do to break into the Ibiza music scene?

Never give up!  Listen to constructive criticism, but don’t let people get you down.  Persistence is key!

How did it feel to win the IDMA best breakthrough artist award in Miami last year?

Fantastic; It was the icing on the cake of a crazy year.

You’re one of the most highly requested DJ’s for remixers in the dance scene; What was your big break to get to this level?

I started DJ-ing at 16/17 years old at home. In 2010 I started my own nights.  Electro took off in the States and opened a door for me as a younger DJ time.

Who was your break through client who cleared the way for R3hab?

Calvin Harris; he gave me my biggest opportunity by giving me Bounce ft Kelis to remix.  Calvin is absolutely inspirational!

You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in music; who has been the most fun to work with?

David Guetta was fantastic to work with; so professional.

Where should up and coming producers and remixers trying to get their foot in the door start from?

Be original; develop your own style, then you will get noticed!

What song reminds you of your first crush?

Montell Jordan ‘Get it on tonight’.

What are your 3 best survival tips for Ibiza?

Sleep, rehydrate and suntan lotion. (Avoid passing out on your balcony without lotion on!)

What are your favourite quotes?

‘’The top gets higher the more that you climb.’’

‘’You have to feel bad to feel joy’’.

What’s your ideal woman?

The most important thing for me is the right chemistry; we must be able to have fun, be attracted to each other and be serious when needed

Do you have any bunny boiler groupies?

I have a couple of crazy groupies who turn up to most of my gigs; they take their tops off…..but no bunny boilers.

In Atlantic City, most of my gigs are in casinos with hotel rooms upstairs; girls do try and sneak into my room.






8 days in R3hab;

Sunday – Crazy show in Austin, Texas before flying to Miami to hang out with friends.

Monday – Big show in Miami

Tuesday – Working on Miami after movie

Wednesday – Making new music

Thursday – Flew to Orlando to play a sick show.

Friday – Panama City beach, spring break!  Everything you hear about spring break is true; it’s wild!

Saturday – Flew to Montreal, Canada, for my big show at New City Gas.

Sunday – Flew home (to Amsterdam).


What’s my R3hab verdict?

I want to go to R3hab in Ibiza!

R3hab is not your stereotypical DJ; He’s uber professional and turned down my best efforts to get him drunk.

He’s humble and modest; despite his success, he remains focused on achieving greater things, of which I am sure he will!

Follow @djr3hab





Hypeglo featured on Girl About Town

January 28, 2013 in Press

Nature leads the latest beauty trend

January 7, 2013 in Press

 By Sophie Bowman

The latest beauty trend consists of no more than the hands of award-winning beauty therapist, Paola Bassanese.  As the company director of and a freelance editor, I was lucky enough to be invited by Paola to experience this miracle cure.

Energya is located a stone’s throw from Great Portland Street tube Station and the venue also boasts a well-equipped gym and studio complete with personal trainers.

After a short consultation, Paola gently massaged my face in specific places to ‘attack’ my problem areas (forehead and jowls).  Interestingly, Paola also massaged points in my neck and shoulders, to release the muscle discomfort so we’re less likely to frown our way to wrinkles (you learn something new every day!)

Paola suggested I look in the mirror straight after the treatment and, amazingly, the wrinkles lines on my forehead and my jowls have practically vanished.  My face looks younger and plumper.  I left Energya with a spring in my step and a renewed confidence in my aging face.


Online Music Mastering service launches

January 4, 2013 in Press

Due to popular demand, Hypeglo have launched their online music mastering service.  In keeping with the whole ethos of Hypeglo, we are now bringing musicians & record labels affordable mastering prices for high quality results.

Read more here

Models & fashion designers required for London Fashion Week event

February 6, 2012 in Press, Uncategorized

Hypeglo has teamed up with a prestigious private club in Chelsea to organise a fabulous fashion event during LFW 2012.

Female models must be a minimum of 5’6 and a dress size 6-10.  Male models must be at least 5’10.

If you are interested please message me or email me and attach a full length/portrait photo and stats to  Preferably by tonight as castings will commence on Saturday 11th Feb.  Good luck! producer releases long awaited MP3

December 20, 2011 in Press

One of our favorite very own music producers, Julian Chambers (Jubbz), has now uploaded his long awaited track ‘Rollin’ to you tube.  Have a sneak preview here:

Visit his profile: