DJ Collective wins The DJ of the year award!

April 29, 2014 in Press by Sophie Bowman

January 2014

After thousands of submissions from all over the world, London’s very own DJ Collective AKA Supply n Demand has been announced as The Best DJ of the year 2013 in conjunction with Hypeglo entertainment and Capital Radio.


DJ Collective; DJ of the year 2013!

Collective was chosen for his characteristic gift of packing dance floors with an electrifying atmosphere so fun and intense no-one ever wants to leave, his effortless ability to sell-out clubs and VIP rooms and his natural flair for music production.

There was some tough competition this year; but Collective’s unique talent really shone through and saw hundreds of people vote for him unanimously.

Currently in the USA for the Miami Winter Music Conference, we called Collective at 7am this morning to share the good news; ever the modest and most approachable DJ ever, Collective’s first words were ‘Thank you so much; and please thank every single person who voted from the bottom of my heart. ┬áThere is no greater gift than the gift of giving music and dance to fans all over the world.’

Collective will be officially awarded in person on his return from the States in May.


DJ R3hab & Sophie Bowman (Hypeglo Ltd)

We would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who voted, and to the wonderful runners-up;

2nd place; DJ R3hab

3rd place; DJ Houdini

Until next year!