Music Mastering

Hypeglo online mastering offers you the best quality for the best price!

Our chief audio engineer has been playing, engineering, producing and mastering music for donkeys years.  His attention to detail and passion for audio fidelity is evident in every project, and keeps him at the forefront of the audio engineering field.

Hypeglo was founded to help talent develop their own successful career, and our mastering services intend to do the same for musicians & record labels.  You will not find these affordable prices for high quality mastering results anywhere else.


Hypeglo members receive a 10% discount off full prices for all mastering services.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £50 per song (incl VAT).

Bundle discounts are also available;

Platinum Master; 10 songs = £400

Gold Master; 5 songs = £200

Silver Master; 3 songs = £100

Remixes start from £100 per song.  Sometimes it works out cheaper to charge you an hourly rate; We can guarantee we will always give you the most cost effective price.

Daily rate = £100

Hourly rate = £20


How does it work?

Simply drop us an email at with the audio file(s) you would like mastered.                                                                                                                                                                              Once payment terms are agreed, we will master your music and send it back to you ASAP (within 5 working days)


You can listen to a selection of music mastered by Hypeglo mastering here