Nature leads the latest beauty trend

January 7, 2013 in Press by Sophie Bowman

 By Sophie Bowman

The latest beauty trend consists of no more than the hands of award-winning beauty therapist, Paola Bassanese.  As the company director of and a freelance editor, I was lucky enough to be invited by Paola to experience this miracle cure.

Energya is located a stone’s throw from Great Portland Street tube Station and the venue also boasts a well-equipped gym and studio complete with personal trainers.

After a short consultation, Paola gently massaged my face in specific places to ‘attack’ my problem areas (forehead and jowls).  Interestingly, Paola also massaged points in my neck and shoulders, to release the muscle discomfort so we’re less likely to frown our way to wrinkles (you learn something new every day!)

Paola suggested I look in the mirror straight after the treatment and, amazingly, the wrinkles lines on my forehead and my jowls have practically vanished.  My face looks younger and plumper.  I left Energya with a spring in my step and a renewed confidence in my aging face.